Three Tips for a Positive MINDSET

Three Tips for a Positive MINDSET

Do you have a mindset that supports you, helping you to achieve your goals?

Having and maintaining a positive mindset can be learned. Some people are naturally positive and optimistic, while others find it takes some effort. But this skill is learnable for everyone. With some work, you can aquire and integrate a positive mindset into your daily life.


Last month I again attended a training course at Open Circles Academy and a workshop with Roy Martina, which generally involved the interest of creating the right mindset.

The term 'Mindset ' is the way people think about themselves, especially about their intelligence and abilities. Here you can distinguish between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

People with a fixed mindset believe their personal qualities are fixed. They think that you are born with a certain 'amount' of intelligence and qualities and you would have to live with this the rest of your life.

People with a growth mindset on the other hand believe that they can always continue to improve, develop and reinvent themselves. Recent research is starting to support this idea.

Mindset is immensely important in how you view the world – taking the classic example of Is the glass half full or half empty for you?

Wayne Dyer once said: "Loving people live in a loving world, hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.

It is a desire of mine to give the importance of a positive Mindset more attention. I would like to learn how you can put your mind at the right frequency so that life as a positive echo resonates.

A positive attitude and positive Mindset can ensure that your world is very different than that of your partner or friends for example.

I would like a recent example from my own life with you: I was under the impression that I had been given a mandate for a longer period. Suddenly I was told the other day that the gig unfortunately could not continue because they did not get around to completely planning the hours and employability.

Without the support of a positive mindset, I could have simply reacted in a defeatist manner, blaming myself and imagining a lack of ability and experience. I could have lost faith, without looking for other opportunities.

With a positive mindset, I am more able to consider how I can search for a better match for my skills, look for ways to improve, and, importantly, have faith that by keeping my eyes open for opportunities, something better will come along.

It might sound a little vague, but it is a more open and positive attitude towards life and what is revealed to me.

Turns out, three days later, that my assignment is approved and there will be more applications too, to allowing me to advance my minimum bet objective of 10-20 hours assignment /job.

The assignment includes the number of hours that I had in mind and even spells out the match with my wish. I wanted at least three mornings during which I permitted myself to live my own pleasant body style. I want for example 3 x per week jogging or exercising and my daily morning ritual mediation.

Try to experiment with changing your Mindset, and do everything possible to feel what you'd like to create in your life. Fun and love are the best indicators that you are on the right way to serve your purpose in life.

Here are three tips for a positive mindset and income support.


Every morning and evening, be consciously grateful for everything you have in your life and can be thankful for.

Focus on the good in every situation:

Everything that happens in your l ife, approach it as though it is a chance to be the best version of yourself. If you focus on the opportunity in every situation, you create more of these situations in your life. You learn to keep sharp and to learn from them and see what is in each situation.

Have fun:

Fun is a catalyst to attract even more enjoyable moments in your life. If you can consciously experience the pleasure in the little things, you learn to be in control of your emotions in every moment. Get out of the situation and think of something pleasant, or do something that gives you pleasure.

Because I like the mindset work of myself and others, I invite you to attend a workout in the theme of "Abundance -Overvloed" where we go to work on your mindset.

A gift for you, leaving you with more love, power, time and money in your life.

Workshop Abundance.

December 11 2015 10-17 hours Meerhuizenplein 38

More information about the workshop on

I hope you enjoyed reading my tips. If you feel you want to share something, do not hesitate to do so. Give this information to anyone who can use it!

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