The Power of the Heart

The Power of The Heart

A month ago I was at the screening of The Power of the Heart, in Pathe Arena. Baptiste de Pape, writer and producer, was also present and that added an extra dimension to the event. The hall was packed with people who wanted to know more about the strength of the heart and the possibility of living.

In the film, we were told among other things that the heart is a muscle. So every time your heart breaks, there develops space for your heart to open more. I found this to be a very nice new insight: Your heart is a muscle that you can train. And sometimes break in order to grow. What a relief ☺

Living from my heart has played a major role in my life. In 1995, I had to listen to my heart to counteract bitterness and hardening of my soul. I had left my home and family and was searching for adventure. I was in another country to live alone, initially to survive and eventually to build a real life; a new self. It was not my intention to leave completely and emigrate, but that's what happened. My heart said plainly, "If you do not go now, you will never go." Because to remain would have been the same as dying inside. Luckily I listened to my heart ☺

And I chose life. The road was not always easy—far  from it. And yet it's all been worth the trouble and effort so far.

I quote: "Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who do not and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody Said That It Would Be Easy, They just promised it would be worth it. "

- By Harvey MacKay

Since I was 20, I listened to my heart and I trained my heart: by having it break, and again healing and opening, I have the opportunity every day again to enjoy life and continue following my dream.

Life is a journey and that journey I make. Do you do that too?

Even now I want to keep living from my heart, and I want to continue to give what I have. Because only through giving do our lives have value and flow.

In Oktober a new online live training will be launched: "Breakthrough to success," powerful strategies to overcome your ADHD behavior.

And Pascale Martine and I have planned a weekend retreat Energy reboost on the beautiful Costa Blanca.

Retreat Energy Reboost

And my latest ' wonder' is the definition of a career and guidance method that I have used now for 15 years. Along with former colleagues , I will lay out  this method in a book. The inspiration for the name came during a training video presentation: I was making notes on paper, because I wanted a puzzle with letters, and suddenly I saw it: WECII method  pronounced his English = we see ) . ☺

This methodology therefore will now take shape and together with my former colleagues I hope many people can be inspired and motivated to continue to follow their hearts.

To me that is the only way to exist and truly thrive, rather than simply survive.

Do you want to learn to live from your heart? Please contact me.         I welcome you with all my heart.




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