2, 5 hrs seminar on the 7 steps of manifestation inspired by “The Secret.”
Are you someone who desires:
  • to experience Abundance in your Life?
  • to manifest more Love, Power and Money?
Do you desire a great job, the ideal assignment, your own  Successful Business, or a Soulmate in your Life?
Then you are most Welcome at our 2, 5 hour seminar on the 7 Steps of Manifestation. In this workshop, Martina Schneider share3 her insights and knowledge with you.
You can apply these immediately through practical exercises.
You will receive an explanation about how to put Abundance and wealth into effect.  The Law of Attraction is particularly important.
You learn, among other things:
How does this Universal Law work in a practical sense?
How can you use this Law and gain  Self-Confidence and Belief in your own Ability to Manifest?
How can you attract more and more of what you desire? Theory scores no results without practice!
So what you have learned you put into practice with exercises that you are actually going to do.
What will you Experience?
We start with Affirmations that help you to manifest and attract abundance in your life.
We end the day with a Healing Meditation that gives you the feeling that you are complete: ready to realize your Goals and Dreams.
This is what the organizers say:
Martina Schneider: “The Law of Attraction means to me that I feel co-creator of my own life. I perceive the synchronicity of life and feel that I have more control over my own life. I choose my thoughts and words more consciously because I attract them. “

Rate: 47 Euro ( normally 127 Euro per person)

Date: february 2020 from 4 to 6:30 pm in Amsterdam. Full is full

Tickets through the online shop via https://upcoaching.hs1.biz2web.eu/product/one-day-seminar-in-7-steps-of-manifestation/

Location: Bijlmerdreef 366C Amsterdam

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