Happiness, everybody wants it

HAPPINESS! Everybody wants it. We all have our own definition of what it is and what it means to us.

If you want to know how to find your happiness, the best way is to look inside of you and to find out that YOU DO have a PURPOSE in life. Yes you do, we all do!If you find your own life purpose, you do have all reason to be happy !

By knowing that you are living on purpose and by setting little goals every day that will serve your life purpose, you will find yourself happy, I promise you 🙂

So now the only thing to do is to find out which is your life purpose! And this proces is a inner journey, or a quest that everyone has to do by him- or herself as you know.

I do live my life on purpose every day, everyday on my way to fullfill my potential, and that makes me happy, simple as it is 🙂

Positivity guru is one of my purposes and living as an example, showing that your mind and thoughts can create your reality. Practising and more practising this art of living. What is your life purpose? Please let me know, I'm curious:)

This is my first blog, more to come ....

Namaste! xoxo M

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